The power of positive thinking was taught to me from a young age and has been an influential part of my life. Wanting to learn more, I turned to books and talks on the subject but just couldn’t relate with the “New Age-y” vibes. I like Buddha but I also like Beyoncé, you know? I realized I couldn’t be the only one who felt this way so I created Thanks House to produce content and resources that would bring some soul into modern life.
Thanks Journal is the product of my own experience trying to train my brain to think more positively and in line with my goals. I used a homemade version of this journal for years, especially when I wanted to achieve something that seemed “ambitious” or maybe even out of reach. Journaling provided a routine to help get me into a positive state of mind, everyday.
So, I wrote in a journal every night before I went to bed being thankful for what I had in the present, expressing gratitude for the amazing things I was receiving, and affirming who I wanted to become as if I was already there. And you know what, it worked. So now I’d like to share it with you.

The best is yet to come,
Sarah Laird

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